Milwaukee Decreasing License Fees to Plow in City

In an effort to increase options for residents in need of alley plowing services, the Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Tom Barrett have dramatically reduced the fee to obtain a snow plowing equipment license through legislation sponsored by Alderman Cavalier Johnson, according to a release from Johnson.

Starting Tuesday, December 13, the fee to obtain a license will decrease from $50 to $10. The City of Milwaukee does not plow alleys within the city, and city ordinance requires any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of removing snow or ice from public sidewalks or public alleys to obtain a license to do so.

“Very often, the residents on a block will band together to hire a contractor who plows their alley during the winter,” Alderman Johnson said. “But what I am hearing from residents in my district is that it is increasingly difficult to find contractors to do the work. I hope that by lowering the fee to obtain a license, and by shedding some light on the need for more private plow contractors, we might generate more options for residents in need of these services.”

Currently, there are only two companies licensed to offer plowing services in public city alleys. Going forward, the city will post a list of licensed plowing contractors on the License Division web page at, updated daily.

Applications for a license under the reduced fee structure will be available on the License Division web page starting on Tuesday, December 13.

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