Milwaukee Area Violent Crime Task Force opens new office inside MPD headquarters

NOW: Milwaukee Area Violent Crime Task Force opens new office inside MPD headquarters

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- It’s a new response in the fight against violent crime in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Area Violent Crime Task Force (MAVCTF) is opening a new office in Milwaukee police headquarters. Law enforcement agencies in the area hope this will be a key tool in helping decrease the city’s violence.

“We all know violent crime is a challenge in our city, it’s a carry over from our 2020 challenges and the time is not any easier right now," Acting Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said.

Friday, April 30, Norman and other law enforcement agencies unveiled the new office space. Norman hopes this effort will be the gateway to help decrease violence.

“This team, this task force is nothing new. it’s just an improvement in regards to the facilities and being able to have a more robust relationship.”

FBI Milwaukee Division Special Agent Robert Hughes says this new move puts everyone in one room. He says information will now travel faster and this will cut down fragmented conversations.

“It may not seem like a large thing to the general public but it is a huge thing for us because it puts all of our people together to help address this violent crime problem.” 

As of Friday, there have been 46 homicides and 224 non-fatal shootings from January to April in 2021 compared to 50 homicides and 125 non-fatal shootings in 2020 during the same time period.

“MPD is aware of the double digit numbers in regards to our violent crime with our city and we understand it’s going to take a collaborative approach.”

“Yea they are under one roof, but they’re sharing information with each other but what about the community," Tracey Dent said. He is a member of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate.

 Dent say this announcement only helps them, not the people on the ground talking to families who’ve lost their loved ones.

“Right now there’s a big gap when it comes to trust and you can have all agencies in the world under one roof but if you don’t have that connection to the community, how are you going to solve these crimes.”

Officials will have FBI computers in this goal. It will help with the information gathering process.

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