Mike McCarthy Way businesses still proud of their address

NOW: Mike McCarthy Way businesses still proud of their address

Mike McCarthy’s legacy will live on in the Packers record books and likely someday in the Packers Hall of Fame. It’ll also live on one block south of Lambeau Field.

People at places like Williams Auto Body Shop will always remember him partly because they are located right here on Mike McCarthy Way.

“I mean he still a good coach for the Packers, I mean, won a Super Bowl. He’s done a lot for the community.” said Mark Williams, owner of Williams Auto Body Shop

“It’s a rough occupation." said Gary Van of Van’s Fire & Safety. "You produced or you ‘re gone.”

Mark Williams was on the board in Ashwaubenon when they re-named Potts Avenue after the Super Bowl winning coach back in 2014.

“They know more about the football game tonight do," said Williams. "I mean, I fix cars for a living, so you half to leave the decisions up to the ones that know what’s going on.”

“I looked at the corner of Bart Starr and Mike McCarthy it reminded me that he did win the Super Bowl while he was here." Jordan Stelter of Zorn Compressor & Equipment said. "Lots of good years with him but still, change has got to happen at some point.”

CBS 58 Morning News anchor Mike Curkov asked these business owners and employees if the street name should get the ax too. What about changing Mike McCarthy Way to Interim Head Coach Joe Philbin Way?

“I don’t think so, not today.” said Williams.

“Definitely not. No!” said Stelter.

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