MIAD students to return to campus with blended learning approach

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) released its reopening plan for the fall semester beginning Aug. 31. The plan was approved by the City of Milwaukee Health Department. 

"MIAD is returning to campus through a blended learning approach that maximizes opportunity for student access to the facilities and labs, while maintaining best health and safety practices,” said Jeff Morin, MIAD President, in a news release. “I’d like to thank Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik and her team of health professionals for their collaboration with us and work on behalf of the city.”

MIAD’s approach includes the following:

  • Prioritizing facility access for small group, in-person critiques of artwork and hands-on work in the studios and labs. Most lecture-style instruction will occur online.
  • Leveraging all spaces, including the renovated fourth floor, to provide individual studio spaces for all sophomores, junior and seniors, and working spaces for first-year students that comport with social distancing guidelines.
  • Expanding the Online Learning Partners (OLPs) student employment program to assist students, faculty and staff using and implementing new technologies in their work. OLPs have been helping incoming students this summer to determine their technology needs; the college is providing laptops and WiFi hotspots to students as part of its digital equity initiatives.

For more information on MIAD's plan, CLICK HERE

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