Man drives off from traffic stop leaving license with Sheriff's Deputy

Wednesday morning at 10:49 AM a patrol deputy for the Washington County Sheriff's Office ran a license plate on a vehicle that was driving south on I-41 near State Highway 33 in the Town of Addison. The check revealed the owner of the 2007 Ford Fusion did not have a valid driver’s license.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop with the driver, who became immediately argumentative, and would not surrender his identification or insurance paperwork upon repeated requests. After the 3rd request, the deputy advised the driver that the registered owner, a 26-year-old City of Milwaukee man, was suspended. At that point the man acknowledged he was the registered owner and gave the deputy his photo license. He did not have proof of insurance.

The deputy issued citations for operating after suspension and no insurance. When the deputy returned to the driver’s vehicle, he asked the driver to exit the vehicle three different times. After the deputy finally advised the subject he would not be allowed to drive the vehicle away due to his suspended status, the subject abruptly put the car in drive and sped off.

The deputy did not pursue the driver. Under both State Statute and department policy, pursuits are terminated - or in this particular case not even initiated - because the offender’s identification has been clearly established so that later apprehension may be accomplished. The deputy correctly concluded there was not a continuing need for immediate apprehension.

Since the 26-year-old man provided the deputy with his photo driver’s license, which is now in evidence, we know exactly where to find him for the second series of citations – not to mention the forthcoming criminal arrest warrant for obstructing.

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