Lyft riders describe the time their driver pointed a gun at them

NOW: Lyft riders describe the time their driver pointed a gun at them


A fired Lyft driver is in the Waukesha County Jail after police say he threated to shoot one of his passengers. The victims are speaking out on what happened.

The two Lyft riders say they're still a little shaken up. They were just getting off of at Silver Spur Restaurant in Elm Grove around 10 p.m. Friday, when they decided to take a Lyft back home, little did they know, their driver had a gun inside his car.

Brandon Ndon says when him and his co-worker Benjamin Reynolds got in the Lyft, he asked the driver to make a U-turn, that's when the situation started to get ugly.

"We got inside, closed the door and he's like 'you don't need to tell me how to drive,’” said Ndon.

Ndon says the driver got angry after he made a comment about his review and then pulled over.

"He said ‘you can get out of my car,’ so he pulled over the car and cancelled the Lyft and you know we were just sitting there, thinking it was a joke," Reynolds said.

After kicking them out of his car, Ndon says the driver tried to hit him with his car.

“I had to throw myself off the car and back up,” said Ndon. “I walked up to the front and I'm like 'did you really just try to hit me as a Lyft driver?' He just tried to hit me.”

What happened next caught Ndon and Reynolds completely off guard.

"I put my hands up ASAP and I start backing up, I'm not going to die for nothing,” said Ndon. “I literally watched him pull out his gun, cock it back, and aim it in front of my face."

"I just started to back up,” said Reynolds. “I wanted to get to the back of the car as soon as possible so I could get the license plate."

Ndon told police the driver said to him, "I'll blow your head off."

Both men were worried about what the driver might do if he picked up anyone else.

"What if he picked up somebody else?” said Ndon. “He was still mad. Anyone else's life could've been in danger.”

The fired driver is a 47-year-old Milwaukee man. Police are recommending charges. The two men have been in contact with Lyft and the company says they're ready to help police in any way they can.

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