Looting, unrest Sunday night in Kenosha and Racine

NOW: Looting, unrest Sunday night in Kenosha and Racine

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Looting and unrest continued overnight Sunday, May 31 in Racine and Kenosha.

In Kenosha, several people were caught on camera looting City Kicks.

A viewer sent the video to CBS 58 where you can see people jumping through a broken window and coming out with clothes and different boxes.

In Racine, a liquor store was broken into near 14th and Junction overnight.

Police remained on the scene Monday morning. A CBS 58 crew says looters also hit a Metro PCS in the area.

Surveillance video obtained by CBS 58 shows looters crawling over glass they shattered with an auto part to loot Liquor Depot 

"I seen two cars pull up. A female she got out of the car and told her boyfriend to break the window. Then they broke the window. I don’t know with what, took some bottles out,” Mel Conley, who witnessed the theft, said.

The looters got away with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. The crime surprised Larry Sharrod, who does security for the store. 

"We didn't expect Racine because of how small Racine is and how quiet it’s been,” Sharrod said.

Nine cellphone and other stores in Racine were hit and looted.

The Thelma Orr Community Oriented Policing building was set on fire. 

As Sharrod cleaned the mess in the store, he is bracing for the future. 

"Now we have to prepare for an even worse situation because it's just going to happen," said Sharrod. 

The owner of Liquor Depot says it's going to cost thousands of dollars to fix the damage. 

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