Local Response to Walker's Black Lives Matter Comment

We have a local response to Scott Walker’s answer to a question Friday about whether he would meet with representatives of the Black Lives Movement.

On Friday Walker said, “I meet with voters, like I said…who knows who that is?”

A reporter then asked if Walker would meet with those in the movement if they wanted a meeting. Walker responded, “I’m going to talk to American voters, period.”

Nate Hamilton part of Milwaukee’s Coalition for Justice responded Saturday, “So who are we? Are we not Americans?”

CBS 58 talked to Hamilton, whose brother Dontre was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer who was later fired for his handling of the encounter.

“It kind of throws me to the floor when I hear a man that’s running for our President reference Americans, reference the Black Lives Matter movement, ‘who is it? You know, who are they?’ They’re voters.”

During his appearance Friday, Walker was asked what he would do to protect citizens from police shootings. The Governor pointed to the law he signed in Wisconsin mandating independent reviews of those incidents. He also said he believes most police are good, hard working people.

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