Local politicians react to Sheriff Clarke Resignation


Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan had this praise for Sheriff Clarke.

Thank you Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., for nearly 40 years of passionate service to the good residents of Milwaukee County. Sheriff Clarke’s dedication to our community began with his years of services to the Milwaukee Police Department before becoming sheriff.

Over the years I’ve worked well Sheriff Clarke, every time I called him to address a public safety issue in my district, he answered that call for help and for that I’m grateful. Even with exceedingly limited resources, he fought against prostitution and carjackings. Sheriff Clarke’s candor and passion for public safety and willingness to take a position on controversial issues is a political trait often lacking in politicians today, who often are timid and succumb to popular opinion. Clarke never wavered in the direction of the prevailing winds, and I admire a man who stands for what he believes in. I can’t say I agreed with him on every issue, but I don’t agree with my wife on every issue either! Whether you agreed with him or not, he had the guts to take a stand.

I wish him well in this new chapter in his life and I publically acknowledge his service. One thing is for certain, whether you like him or not, all of Milwaukee is well aware that David Clarke came our way. Thank you Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr. released this statement:

"Milwaukee County's next sheriff should be someone who is focused on public safety and responsive to our community's needs by upholding the highest professional standards."

Congresswoman Gwen Moore said:

“David Clarke’s untimely departure as Milwaukee County Sheriff isn’t just a victory for Milwaukee, but for all of those whose rights and dignity were violated during his tenure. Joe Arpaio-like law enforcement figures like Clarke, who prioritize partisan fame over their constituents' safety, have no place in our local or federal government.

“Rather than being a valuable voice in the national conversation over the strained relationship between police and the communities they serve, Clarke allowed his appetite for the spotlight to erode his credibility and weaken his authority as sheriff. As too many of my constituents can attest to, he cared more about his office looking bad than doing good. Milwaukee County deserved better.

“Clearly, Clarke was incapable of serving the residents who elected him to office as was only interested in serving a constituency of one: himself. However, even in his absence, I will continue to push Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Justice Department to hold Clarke responsible for the lives destroyed under his watch like Terrill Thomas, Michael Madden, Kristina Fiebrink and Shadé Swayzer's newborn baby girl. In the meantime, I call on Governor Walker to appoint a sheriff who will take their job seriously, value compassion over condescension, and put people before politics.” “David Clarke’suntimely departure as Milwaukee County Sheriff isn’t just a victory forMilwaukee, but for all of those whose rights and dignity were violated duringhis tenure. Joe Arpaio-like law enforcement figures like Clarke, who prioritizepartisan fame over their constituents' safety, have no place in our local orfederal government.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele delivered a press conference following the resignation of Sheriff Clarke:

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- State Senator Lena Taylor issues a statement Thursday after the resignation of Sheriff Clarke.

"Without explanation, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke tendered his resignation today. This follows news from June that he failed to secure a position at the US Department of Homeland Security."

Following the announcement, Sen. Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) offered the following statement:

“This is truly a good Thursday. I want to thank Sheriff Clarke for his decision to step down. After years of abuse at his hands, the people of Milwaukee can sleep soundly tonight.”

Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde released the following statement in response to Sheriff David Clarke's resignation:

"I am pleased to learn of the resignation of David Clarke, who obviously no longer wanted to be Sheriff of Milwaukee County, and had lost touch with the people.

"Nevertheless, this news is bittersweet, as we are left with incomplete answers regarding what led to the massive failures in his jail.

"Sadly, the public may never get a full accounting from Clarke regarding his failures, which is why it is important for the legal system to take whatever action they deem appropriate."

Earnell Lucas who is a candidate for Milwaukee Sheriff released this statement:

“I have a deep and abiding commitment to this community, and I have the experience in law enforcement and public safety to be the next Milwaukee County Sheriff. That’s why I filed to be a candidate, why I’ve been campaigning across the community with my message of collaboration, integrity, and professionalism, and why dozens of community leaders are lining up with me.

“We will see what the process is going forward, but regardless, I will continue to be a candidate for a full term as Sheriff in 2018, and I look forward to earning the trust of Milwaukee County voters.”

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