Local health departments start site testing Wisconsin’s new vaccine registry

NOW: Local health departments start site testing Wisconsin’s new vaccine registry


WAUWATOSA, WI (CBS 58) – Health departments around the state started testing the new vaccine registry on Monday, Feb. 22.

Central Racine County, the city of Wauwatosa and Waukesha County are handling testing in southeastern Wisconsin.

They are just three of nine health departments across the state participating.

“It isn’t live yet to the public, but it will be hopefully soon,” says interim health officer for the city of Wauwatosa, Laura Stephens.

Stephens says this new site will not only be a one-stop shop for users, but health departments as well.

“There are a lot of different places they can go and register, and it can be confusing to know where exactly to go,” says Stephens. “This new one will put everything in one place. It’ll be run by the state so vaccinators can opt into the program.”

The site asks a number of questions to determine if the person is eligible for the vaccine. If they are, they will be prompted to schedule an appointment. If they aren’t, they will be placed on a waiting list.

“We have a very solid system already in place in Waukesha County, “says chief information officer for Waukesha County, Lance Spranger. “We’re comparing the state system to that and making sure the functionality matches.”

Those testing the system are looking at registrations, appointment scheduling and vaccine administration.

“We have multiple calls throughout the day,” says Spranger. “We started off yesterday. We had another call this morning and they’ve already made changes based on our feedback.”

Since this will be a statewide system, people will be able to see inventory at vaccine centers. This way they know where they need to go for an appointment.

“We’ll know based on our testing whether we can go live shortly after or on that March 1 date released by the state,” says Spranger.

“We’re excited to rollout the system,” says Stephens. “We want to make sure everything is moving smoothly on our end before we make it live to the public.”

Officials say they understand not everyone has access to their website, which is why the vaccine hotline will still be available.

Wauwatosa hotline: (414) 475-1050.

Waukesha County recommends people sign up for their weekly email updates at lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/FrNgFnP/Vaccine.

South Milwaukee/St. Francis vaccine hotline: (414) 768-8055.

Hales Corners Health Department: (414) 529-6155.

Greenfield vaccine hotline: (414) 329-5275.

Milwaukee vaccine hotline: (414) 286-6800.

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