Kenosha Police Officer commended for saving driver from car fire

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Back on February 16 Kenosha Police were sent to 32nd Avenue for an injury crash with an unconscious driver. 

While officers were responding they were told that the car was on fire. 

Kenosha Police Officer Benvenuto responded and was first on the scene. When he arrived all the doors of the car were locked, the engine was engulfed in flames and inside the car was filling with smoke. 

The officer broke the window and unlocked the driver's door. The driver was recovering from a medical event and clutching the steering wheel. The officer was able to get the driver out who was then taken to the hospital with no injuries.

Kenosha Police posted about the rescue on March 15 commending Officer Benvenuto for his "quick thinking, rapid response and bravery."

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