"It happened so fast:" Witnesses react to "flash mob" of thieves at Pleasant Prairie store

NOW: “It happened so fast:“ Witnesses react to “flash mob“ of thieves at Pleasant Prairie store

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A ten-man mob walked into the North Face store at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlet Mall and ran off with clothes. Witnesses are calling the whole thing "extremely coordinated."

A few days after the group of men stole tens of thousands of dollars of clothes in less than 30 seconds, Pleasant Prairie shoppers are still in shock.

"That's just crazy. I hope someone catches them and it sounds like they had this plan in advance," said shopper Joel Macias. "If there was 10 guys, you don't just randomly walk in. It seems like it was coordinated."

Mike Stalsberg was shopping with his kids when it happened on July 1. He says the mob was organized.

"It was pretty much a single file. And then when they went in, they kind of, not so much as a single file, but they just knew where they had to go," said Stalsberg. 

It then quickly became a rush for the door with everyone taking as much as they could.

"They came out, and either, like this or like this, and whatever they could grab."

The witness was about to take a picture of one of their cars but then the scene got even more chaotic.

"One of the guys that was in the store, he biffed it into the parking lot, and dropped a bunch of stuff, picked some up, and then he takes off too."
Stalsberg still wonders if he could have stopped the robbers -- but their speed made it difficult.

"It happened so fast, where like we're just in shock. Like what just happened here? Within a minute they're in and out," said Stalsberg.

Police say nobody has been arrested yet.

The mall did not have a comment.

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