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"Flash mob" steals more than $30,000 worth of clothing from Pleasant Prairie store

NOW: “Flash mob“ steals more than $30,000 worth of clothing from Pleasant Prairie store


Updated: 10:54 a.m. on July 5, 2019

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Ten men were involved in the shoplifting incident at a Pleasant Prairie North Face on June 1, according to a criminal complaint.

Police say the men were in and out of the store within 30 seconds to a minute. They all entered at the same time, went into a corner of the store and grabbed several jackets off each rack before running out of the store.

They got into three different vehicles. Witnesses describe the suspect vehicles as a red Dodge Magnum, a tan Chevrolet Malibu, and a maroon Pontiac sedan.

The store manager stated that about $33,723 worth of clothing was stolen.


Posted: 9:11 p.m. on July 3, 2019

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- New video shows a mob of people stealing clothes from a store at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets.

Kenosha News shared this surveillance.

Police say the group walked into the North Face store Monday night, grabbed $30,000 worth of clothes and ran out.

No one was hurt. Police are asking for help tracking down the suspects.

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KennyTodd 11 days ago
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Homer 12 days ago
What can be done to help these unfortunate citizens?

Search FLASH MOB THEFT on the www... you'll find many video examples of this same demography, committing the same ritual. There was no violence against anyone. People are taking what they need to make ends meet...

Can we fund a program with Trump's China Tarrifs to help pay merchants for product taken? Since this is the same demography that rioted at local malls and Sumerfest (search the web, documentation is readily available), the program should include malls, food stores, and gas stations, as well.

There should be no limits. Store owners should document and apply for reimbursement, similar to a farmer requesting payment for a cow killed by wolves. Store owners should get a 25% premium over full retail pricing to encourage locating stores closer to this demography.

Store owners will welcome a Flash Mob, as it becomes profitable. For society, It is less expensive than sending people to prison.

It's a great use of the Chinese Tariffs.
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