Isolated showers possible for Tuesday

NOW: Isolated showers possible for Tuesday

After some good sunshine on Labor Day, the clouds have returned on this back to work and back to school Tuesday. A few isolated showers will be possible Tuesday morning through the early afternoon before starting to dry out in the late afternoon and evening.

Here's a look at the current radar that will update with time:

After Tuesday's isolated rain chance we will dry out Wednesday and Thursday. 

The isolated rain chance on Tuesday comes as Milwaukee starts to head into more and more of a rain deficit. A few downpours during August allowed the rain total for the year to briefly go above-average but after a few drier weeks the rain deficit is now over 1.50". But we're still doing a lot better than last year when we were dealing with drought conditions.

Better rain chances are potentially on the way for the weekend. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to see when rain looks most likely.

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