How you can help support service industry employees out of work

NOW: How you can help support service industry employees out of work


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There is a growing list of GoFundMe pages that have been set up to help those in the service industry out of work right now. 

"You see it, see it, see it, and then it happens to you," said Eric Halverson. 

Halverson lost his job at a pizza shop Tuesday. 

"If it wasn’t for the freelance work, I do freelance video work, I don’t know what I’d be doing. I’d be in panic mode for sure," said Halverson. 

"We, unlike other people, are a little more prepared but I feel bad for a lot of my friends who don’t do that and can’t do that, and really have to live paycheck to paycheck," said PJ Johnson, who bartends at Wolski's Tavern. 

His wife, Babs, works at Engine Company No. 3. 

"Me, I like to have an end date, like in two weeks, I’m going back to work, but there’s no hint of when that will happen so I think that’s what’s making people afraid," she said. 

They are doing what they can to help friends and neighbors. 

"It’s little things like, 'Can I get this for you? Can I go to the store?' I’d rather have one person going to the grocery store than all of us," said Johnson. 

If you'd like to help those in the service industry, the following GoFundMe pages have been created:

1. Ashling Employee Fund

2. Harp-Trinity-Vagabond Tip Jar

3.  Stag Barbershop Employee Relief Fund

4.  Cactus Club and Employee Relief Fund

5.  The Bartolotta Restaurants Employee Support Fund

6.  Rogues Gallery x Elwood's staff relief TIP JAR

7.  The Vanguard Staff Relief Fund

8. Hospitality Democracy Employee Relief Fund

9.  Nail Bar Milwaukee Employee Relief Fund

10. Duke’s and Scooters employee TIP JAR

11. Strange Town Business/Employee Relief Fund

12. High Dive Employee Relief Fund

13. Ca'Lucchenzo Employee Fund

14. Hooligans Bar Milwaukee Employees Fund

15. Paulina Esthetics Boutique

16. Stonetender Tip Relief Fund

17. County Clare Employee Relief Fund

18. Stubby's Virtual Tip Jar

19. Tonic Bartender Relief Fund

20. Finks Employee Relief Fund

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