Homeowners, cities preparing for winter storm

NOW: Homeowners, cities preparing for winter storm

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A winter storm warning has the area preparing for several inches of snow.

The highest totals may be around the Kenosha area.

The owner of Prairie Side Ace Hardware said he gets two crowds for winter storms.

Those who prepare, and those who don't.

"A lot of shovels, lots of snow blowers, I'm actually delivering snow blowers tonight," said Owner Gary Dickes.

After owning a hardware store for ten years, Dickes knows what to stock and when.

"We had a little storm a couple days ago, so a lot of people have stocked up but we have been steady all day," said Dickes.

He started with 200 shovels and is down to his last 30 until his next delivery. His employees keep refilling the salt shelves for customers like Noel Flaningam.

"Well, I like to wait till the last minute to buy my salt obviously," said Flaningam.

He wasn't too late though, and was able to pick up a five-gallon bucket of salt for cleaning up this storm's snowfall.

"I learned my lesson a while ago," said Flaningam.

Cities are also getting ready, like homeowners. Kenosha plow drivers are resting until the flakes start flying; same in West Allis.

"Everyone is home getting rest in preparation for tonight," said West Allis Sanitation and Streets Superintendent Tim Last.

He said plow drivers will work hard ahead of the morning commute, but they've had problems with people parking illegally this year.

“A lot of our trucks can't make it down if they're illegally parked, so we can't get to that street and it may not be plowed for 24 hours until the cars clear out," said Last.

Ready or not, the snow's coming. At least Flaningam enjoys it.

"I love the snow, I'm ready for it, I live here for this, so bring it on," said Flaningam.

Milwaukee said it does not expect to implement snow parking restrictions Monday night.

Kenosha's snow emergency starts at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

The city has opened three parking lots for people who need to put their cars somewhere.

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