HAWS Treating Kitten "Hot Rod" with Severe Burns

A little kitten was brought to HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society) located in Waukesha this past weekend. The cat has severe burns on his abdomen and feet and his whiskers were curled due to scorching.  

The kitten nicknamed "Hot Rod" received several days of intense treatment and strong pain medications at HAWS before being transferred to a foster home with a very experienced caregiver. 

It will take several months for Hot Rod to fully recover, but according to HAWS his attitude is great and spirits are high.

Due to the resources needed to help Hot Rod, HAWS is asking for donations to help his recovery. $10 will help treat his burns, $25 will ensure pain medication and $50 assists with day-to-day care.

In order to donate, click here.

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