Governor Evers ready to receive budget

NOW: Governor Evers ready to receive budget

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's now up to Governor Evers to decide how your tax dollars will be spent for the next two years.

The state Legislature is set to send the budget to the Governor's desk.

Evers proposed an ambitious budget, but it was significantly reduced by the Republican-controlled Legislature. GOP leaders say they address the Governor's priorities while also maintaining their conservative principles.

The Republican-controlled Legislature passed its version of the state budget this week, with significant changes to what Evers proposed.

"Obviously there's probably going to be some vetoes," Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R) Juneau said. "And you know the worst thing in the world for us would be if he just vetoes the entire document."

On Thursday, the Governor tweeted that he's ready to receive the budget and make his decisions.

Here's a look at some key areas of the budget:

On middle class tax relief, the GOP version offers less relief than the Evers proposal, because they rejected the Governor's tax credit removal for manufacturers. 

Medicaid expansion was taken out by Republicans, but significant funds were allocated for health care programs.

Republicans proposed half a billion dollars more in funding for education, but compared to what Evers asked for, it comes up short.

And on transportation funding, Republicans chose not to raise the gas tax as the Governor proposed, but did raise title and registration fees.

When he receives it, the Governor has six days, not including Sunday, to sign it, veto parts of it, or veto the entire bill.

Evers has said all options are on the table when reviewing the budget. 

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