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Gov. Evers to issue order for Wisconsinites to stay home

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58/AP) -- Gov. Tony Evers announced he will issue a Safer At Home order on Tuesday, March 24 -- requiring non-essential businesses to close or work remotely. Restaurants may stay open for delivery and curbside pick-up only.

The order is to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus that has killed four people in the state and infected at least nearly 400. Evers tweeted Monday that he would be signing the order on Tuesday.

It comes after Evers already ordered K-12 schools and a host of other businesses closed, including bars, restaurants and hair salons, and limited gatherings to no more than 10 people. But the newer, tighter restriction mirrors what other states have done, including neighboring Illinois. 

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KarlaSchwede 4 days ago
You're saying that Wisconsin is not a hot spot for this virus. And you think that the governor is going to far with all these shut downs. It's not necessary, because our state has a low case count. Ok all the other 49 states are doing all they can to protect there people. If it's not done here in Wisconsin to protect us as much as possible. You and everyone else would bitch that Evers isn't doing enough for us. So my point is.... .no matter what!! Your all going to bitch one way or another. Me.....I'm in healthcare. I go to my job and back home. Period.
As for those Democrats!! They're going to do what they want. So turn off your fox news. Turn off your tv!! Better yet.....like me don't own a tv.
Stay home be safe everyone
Karla Schwede
dansbfishing1983 11 days ago
We also deal with costomers going in there house to turn on the water to the sprinkler systems, and on installs have other people working with us such as landscapers and other contractors
dansbfishing1983 11 days ago
So i install underground lawn sprinklers. Is this a essential job? We have roughly 13 employees. Do i have the right to say no im not working during this stay at home order not to mention i have a 10 year old son at home who is a type 1 diabetic and a wife who has stage 3 copd. They are more suseptible to getting corona. I have the kind of boss who thinks nothing else should matter other than work and doesnt think this corona is a big deal
Immastar 11 days ago
Liquor stores should be closed!!!! We deal with some of the most unsanitary people so gross and disgusting we had two infections people in our store already and all people care about is their fix !!! What about us and our families as many people that have been in it’s not my fault you drink to much that they concider is more important that my health
Sounds like someone needs to find a better job.
Repton1 12 days ago
This is a mindless and pathetic piece of pure puckey . The regular flu variants this year have already killed eighteen thousand. H1N1 did worse.
So do tell who will be arresting me for tomorrows weekly food shop ? I have two clinic visits coming up , both essential .
Politicians are really demonstrating their level of stupid.
BTW The test kits are useless , there are six classes of corona , all ring the alarm.
The current data indicates a burn out of the Cvariant19. The recovery rate and infection rate converged some time ago. The current non China data is following the predicted model.The cruise ship experiment demonstrated that the virus is self limiting even in a sample of aged subjects. 3000 on boar , six hundred test + ( meaningless ) and two died.
It's no worse than H1N1 and everyone with a handle on the data knows that .
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A 12 days ago
I love this is such bs. How are car salesmen Essential
Immastar A 11 days ago
I agree
TonyBusalacchi A 6 days ago
How else are we supposed to be good little patriots and buy an imported car so we can get to work?
Kat 12 days ago
What about the farmers, cows still need to be milked twice a day! N I have to drive to work to do it!
LauraMichelle 12 days ago
What about boat marina? This is a luxury not a essential right
Scott 12 days ago
Have given notice on our apt for april 1. Already paid 1200.00 april tent and deposit on new apt one hour from her and have prepaid two movers to move us . other people moving in here par 1 so have to move.
Will we get arrested for moving ???? Planned a month ago ?!?!?! So whose gonna bail me out ???
Repton1 Scott 12 days ago
Bosses gonna nail you to the floor pal. Just like the restuvus.
CharlieGallagher Scott 12 days ago
This comment has been removed.
TonyBusalacchi Scott 6 days ago
You're apartment is a Par 1? That must be a pretty easy course.
Leah 12 days ago
What about greenhouses/nurseries? I believe they are essential for personal production of food....
Kristin 12 days ago
What about liquor stores?... asking for a friend 😂
Ruth 12 days ago
Anyone else remember the summer of 1967? Trust me -- You don't want Martial Law declared, which is what a complete, mandatory shut down would be.
Scott Ruth 12 days ago
I was there too
Terry 12 days ago
What about the people who need public transportation to get to their doctor's appointments.
Their family and friends don't have handicap vehicles that their electric wheelchair's would fit in.
And MCTS is the only way they have to travel to their doctor's appointments.
They can't just stop getting their Chemo treatments.
So what should they do?
TonyBusalacchi Terry 6 days ago
What doctors appointments? 3 different docs have rescheduled me twice already. Can't get near a doctor. Besides, you want to hang out at a clinic, you go right ahead.
Patricia 12 days ago

This is Evers and Democrats fault.There is no need to put Wisconsin on total shut down.We aren't a hot spot with a lot of cases. The Democrats want a Depression to take down our President.And they stopped the relief bill because they knew 5 Republicans were in quaratine and couldn't vote.Pelosi put in their crap for the Green new bill,regulations for the Air line,tax credits for solar panels,giving more power to the Unions etc.They have nothing to do with the Virus crises.Democrats are so sneaky,they said would pass until they heard 5 Republicans are in quaratine and didn't have the votes to pass so the Pelosi stopped the bill.Disgusting.

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Jersh Patricia 12 days ago
Let's just watch some more Fox news... wow
James Patricia 12 days ago
Patricia, did you read the bill? If not, you should head on over to npr.com and check it out. Set some time aside as it is 250 pages long.
Ruth Facts2020 12 days ago
Got it, sorry for being snippy. I bit one edge. Stay well.
Patricia, in 20 years, what's it going to matter to you anyway? What part of field hospitals in Central Park, 3 off-site hospitals being put together, and New York Harbor being dredged to accommodate the Comfort hospital ship? Quit living in your little one bedroom bubble, and turn off Fox News!
sure 12 days ago
I work at a metal stamping factory and we're somehow essential ...
Bassgeye sure 12 days ago
It depends on what you are stamping out. Some of it could be considered essential if medical or transportation related.
James sure 12 days ago
I work as a machinist and thought the same thing, but I'm glad in a way I get to leave the house every night. The Wife and kids are stuck here and starting to get on each other's nerves. Lol. Just use common sense and disinfectant your work station when you get there. Your company should be providing disinfectant. If not, I'd bring my own.
SandraRuffalo 12 days ago
So then it needs 2 SHUT down All Transit !!!! If people really need Transportation... You can't tell me they don't have a friend or family member to go get necessities or take them. Keeping Transit opened is inviting the Covid-19 from place to place. STOP!!! I don't what to get sick or die yet. Just because you say keep the buses going.
Then you need to stay off the public transportation because there are peoples employment deemed essential and plenty of them use public transportation. You should think of the community as a whole instead of worrying just about you.
Jah203 12 days ago
Will you be able to go grocery shopping and shopping in general with the stay-at-home order?
Ruth Jah203 12 days ago
Grocery stores and pharmacies will be open.
Repton1 Ruth 12 days ago
But if it's a lock down how many times will the cops or the guard pull us over , while go to the essential service.
Ruth Repton1 12 days ago
First off, the National Guard isn't going to be patrolling the streets. Martial Law has not been declared. The only Guardsmen deployed are medics. I doubt the cops are going to be pulling random people over for no reason other than those they pull people over for now. Why would they put themselves at risk of catching this thing?
James Ruth 12 days ago
There are numerous departments around the Country that are not enforcing basic traffic laws unless they are really egregious. Not sure about Milwaukee, but my guess is that your not going to get pulled over for minor offenses anytime soon.
Scott 12 days ago
Will pet stores be included?
Ruth Scott 12 days ago
Not sure, but if not, try Amazon or Chewy. I order all my pet stuff from Chewy.
Bassgeye Ruth 12 days ago
Chewy is slower than usual right now but only by a few days. They just shipped my order today with apologies for being slower than usual.
Ruth Bassgeye 12 days ago
Good to know, thanks. Amazon is actually faster. I'm getting stuff a day before they say it will arrive.
James Scott 12 days ago
Not sure about pet stores, but our groomer is closed. I'm gonna have to trim my dog's fur...he is gonna look pretty silly until she opens back up 🤭
Donevan 12 days ago
What about maintenance workers who run buildings downtown, we need to be there to make sure building operations are still working properly, making sure pipes don’t burst/leak, and heating and cooling systems stay online. Are we still required essential personal that can go to work?
Bassgeye Donevan 12 days ago
Yes, you would be considered essential. Can't have boilers or pipes blowing up. Stay safe and avoid close contact with others.
CindyPolglazePetrick 12 days ago
I wonder if I would be consideredf essential I work for companies that make stuff for the medical field.

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