GOP split over Nicholson's potential entry into governor's race

NOW: GOP split over Nicholson’s potential entry into governor’s race

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There's been no official announcement yet from Kevin Nicholson that he's running for the GOP nomination for governor.

But people are talking in Madison about the reaction Nicholson is getting from Republican leaders. 

Former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is already running, and she has a lot of party support. 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos makes no bones about it. He says if Nicholson runs, it hurts the party's chances of taking the governor's office.

"When someone is up 40% in the polls, the only way to beat that person is usually to bring them down. Well bringing down that person, in this case Rebecca Kleefisch, helps Tony Evers," said Vos. 

"If someone wants to run for office, they should be able to run for office," Gov. Evers said. "I'll let the Republicans figure that one out."

Nicholson on Wednesday told Speaker Vos to focus on his own job. 

He's expected to announce his plans this week.

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