Glad You Asked: What's up with those long addresses?

Glad You Asked: What’s up with those long addresses?

Have you ever tried to find an address in Menomonee Falls? Or Germantown or Cedarburg or places like it? They have those long address like N-#-# W-#-#-#-#. What's up with those long addresses?

I'm glad you asked.

"The address system in Menomonee Falls is based on a grid-system which actually ties to the city of Milwaukee." explained Menomonee Falls Director of Community Development Matt Carran. 

1st Street and Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee is your starting point which is really Plankinton and Wisconsin. In the clip, we learn to find Menomonee Falls Village Hall.

"The address of Village Hall is W156 N8480." said Carran. "We're 156 streets west. That's W156. And then North 8480. So, as you go north, we're 84 blocks north."

In a way, it's actually easier to find where you're going with these long addresses. You don't really even need the street names to get you at least in the neighborhood.

"As I tell my children," Carran said. "If you get lost, you can look at that grid system and know if you have to go North, South, East or West."

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