Glad You Asked: If Olympic/Paralympic coaches don't get medals, what do they get?

Glad You Asked: If Olympic/Paralympic coaches don’t get medals, what do they get?

Grafton resident Guy Gosselin just lead the US Paralympic Sled Hockey team to a gold medal in the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics held immediately after the Olympic games. However, as a coach, even the head coach, Gosselin does not get a medal. Only players get medals.

What do coaches get? 

Glad You Asked!

"Coaches don't get gold medals but you know what...a gold medal is just a thing." said Gosselin. "Really the satisfying thing is just to know that our guys won and I'm really proud of our guys and that's enough for me."

They coaches do get a little something for the effort. Gosselin showed us the ring and team plaque he got as an assistant coach on the gold medal winning staff from the Sochi Paralympics in 2014.

He says he'll probably get something similar for this gold medal as well.

Watch CBS 58 Sunday Morning this Sunday (4/29) for more on Gosselin, the US Paralympic sled hockey team and how Gosselin, a former pro hockey player, ended up in Grafton, WI.

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