'Give me a break': Voters frustrated after being turned away from usual polling location

’Give me a break’: Voters frustrated after being turned away from usual polling location

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some voters were turned away from the Zeidler building on Tuesday. 

Voting wards changed in November of 2021 and this changed polling locations for some people. 

At least 50 people were turned away Tuesday afternoon after showing up to their usual polling place only to be turned away and redirected to their updated voting location. 

CBS 58 News spoke with many voters who are passionate about casting their votes this primary. 

"It's a critical election of the city to determine its future and solve the problems we have," said voter Patrick Murphy. 

"To think that that has been changed now to some other location and there hasn't been a notice...either someone is playing a game trying to deter the number of votes, or something is going on and that's really unfortunate. I'm running late right now. I thought I could come in and vote and I don't even know -- at MSOE where? Where do you go to vote at MSOE, you know? Give me a break, this is really unfortunate," said Murphy.

CBS 58 also spoke with voter Curtis Nusberger who was brought to the Zeidler building with assistance.

"I got turned down, they said the wards were changing and in the last couple months they changed wards, and now I have to go over there. I came down here and now I've got to go. I'm in a walker right now so, you know what I mean," said Nusberger. 

Other voters simply got lucky, still unaware voting wards changed. 

"I did not double check, this is my usual voting place so I lucked out that I could vote here. But I have no idea why there's a miscommunication on the polling place," said voter Andy Brehm. 

It's a miscommunication some feel could have been avoided. 

"I don't recall ever seeing anything in the mail or email or whatever that that has happened," said Murphy. 

"If I wasn't watching TV I wouldn't have even know it was voting day for the primary," said Nusberger.

The easiest way to double check your proper voting location is to head to the city of Milwaukee Election Commission website, click on "Where do I vote?" and enter your address. There are 180 polling places around the city. 

The spring election is on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. 

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