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Former firefighter who caused deadly Opening Day crash sentenced to 10 years in prison

A former Milwaukee firefighter who caused a deadly crash on Brewers Opening Day last year has learned his fate.

Joshua Larson had his sentencing hearing Friday morning at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The testimony lasted over an hour.

The judge sentenced Larson to 14 years. Ten of which will be spent in jail and four under supervision.

The crash happened on opening day on Hawley Road in West Allis. Joshua Larson had been at the game, and was drinking before he got into the car. His level of intoxication, and the fact that Larson was a Milwaukee firefighter have been factors on what is a fair sentence.

The state asked for eight years in prison, and four years of supervision. Family members of the victims disagreed with loved ones of Uber driver Yoruba Sly-Lundasi and his passenger Wendell Johnson making statements.

Johnson's 15-year-old daughter tearfully took the stand speaking directly to Larson, "I'm finding it hard not to be angry with you Mr. Larson. I have a birthday coming up; he won't be there when I graduate high school, get married."

Much of Larson's family was in the gallery during the hearing speaking to his character.

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