Fans, businesses readying for Bucks' Finals appearance

NOW: Fans, businesses readying for Bucks’ Finals appearance

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bucks fans and businesses are joining the Finals Frenzy, whether it's flying out to Phoenix or gearing up for the game at home.

Some lifelong fans caught the 7 p.m. flight to Phoenix Monday.

"It's unbelievable, it's been since 1974 since we were here," said Bucks fan Dean Laing.

He's been watching the team all his life.

"When we drafted Jabbar and Jon McGlocklin, all the old-timers, Oscar Robertson, all those great players, been a fan since I was little kid," said Laing.

He's catching both Phoenix games. Bucks fan Katherine Poston spent Monday afternoon gearing up at the Bucks Pro Shop before flying out to Thursday's game.

"I just want to get in there and buy my gear, I'm going to Phoenix," said Poston.

She said the last week has kept her on pins and needles.

"I've been on the edge of my seat, but I feel like it's time, we deserve it," said Poston.

The energy is expected to move into Milwaukee's bars and restaurants.

"It doesn't matter if the Bucks are home or away, we're going to get hit hard either way," said Milwaukee Brat House Operations Director Ryan Cooke.

He said he's had standing orders with alcohol vendors as the Bucks have advanced.

"We've been able to get in beer, we just have to get it more often," said Cooke.

For some, planning isn't the point. The Finals are the time to celebrate.

"It's amazing, probably one of the best weeks of my life, I've been waiting for this 22 years and the city's obviously been waiting forever," said Bucks fan Max Herteen.

The first flight to Phoenix Tuesday with seats available is at 6:15 a.m. on Southwest.

It costs $600 if you want to go.

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