Deer District fans rejoice as Bucks pull off improbable Game 5 win

NOW: Deer District fans rejoice as Bucks pull off improbable Game 5 win

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The most confident of fans will tell you there was never a doubt Wednesday night, even as the Bucks fell behind by 14 in Game 5 against the Celtics.

Some of the best weather of the season brought out a huge crowd to Deer District, and those with the faith to stick around until the end were rewarded with the biggest win of the season.

After the game, Bucks fan Simon Kuranz said, "The only time it's ever felt like this for me was Game 6 last year, and Game 7 vs. the Nets, when it was just win or go home. We all were into it; we all love this team and just want to see them win!"

Thousands of Bucks fans leapt skyward as the clock hit zero, securing a Game 5 win that seemed improbable for much of the evening.

The intensity of the Deer District crowd matched the moment as the Bucks and Celtics played neck-and-neck for much of the first quarter.

But turnovers throughout the second quarter dug a halftime hole that raised the anxiety throughout Deer District.

At halftime, Alex Saunders said, "I'm feeling very nervous. This is a pivotal Game 5 and they're down by a lot right now."

And Jesus Alicea apprehensively said, "It's not looking too bad, we still have a chance."

A back-and-forth second half only heightened the anxiety.

But then the temperature started to drop in Milwaukee, and the Bucks started to heat up in Boston. So did the fans in Deer District.

As the Bucks clawed back in the fourth quarter, fans regained their confidence in the champs.

Bucks fan Aydan Dautermann said, "What do you think about Game 6 back at home? Game 6 back at home? We're the 414 Milwaukee, we're going to win that, you know. Come on!"

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