Experts warn of COVID-19 vaccination card fraud

NOW: Experts warn of COVID-19 vaccination card fraud

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- A vaccine card is proof you're protected. Now, some are trying to capitalize on those cards, and the result is a dangerous one for the community.

We've seen it a lot already -- people bragging on social media, holding up their vaccine cards and proudly announcing they're fully protected. But that card is leaving them vulnerable in other ways.

That piece of paper is valuable right now, especially in places where a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for travelers. 

The COVID-19 vaccination card is proof you've received the shot, but fraud experts say it can be easily copied.

That means there could be fakes out there.

"As of right now, copying one of those cards does not appear to be illegal, so we do not even have a sanction if someone were to do that," said William Kresse, national fraud expert who goes by Dr. Fraud.

Counterfeit cards are being sold on eBay in other countries for as little as $2. 

Currently, there is no mandate to show proof of vaccination in the U.S., but overseas, the so-called vaccine passport is in use. 

The Israeli government issued a digital green pass. The U.K. is considering something similar.

Another problem experts are finding is when people post pictures on social media.

"There are folks who will target you if you do that and try and sweet talk you, persuade you into giving information, claiming they are from the government, claiming that they are with the Department of Health and Human Services and persuade you that they're following up and that they need some information," said Kresse. "And they'll have information, and you'll think they're legit. Well, they're not, and then if you give them your Social Security, that's the key to the kingdom to stealing your identity and emptying your bank account."

If you've already posted a photo of a vaccine card, the Better Business Bureau offers some options: remove it, and if you want to repost it, be sure to cover the confidential information with a sticker.

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