East Side staple Hooligan's Super Bar aiming to reopen Wednesday after year of being closed

NOW: East Side staple Hooligan’s Super Bar aiming to reopen Wednesday after year of being closed

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee East Side staple will soon be back again after almost a year of being closed after a fire and complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are already enjoying drinks outside Hooligans Super Bar, but neighbors and patrons said the area around Ivanhoe and North just hasn't been the same since last November when the fire happened here, but soon, employees said it'll be a step closer back to normal.

"Hooligan's has always been a staple with respect to where my friends and I meet up, we've always come here for brunch, I have so many good memories here," said Hooligan's Regular Angela Stenklyft.

She said November 13th last year is still fresh in her mind, the day the fire at Hooligan's happened.

"It was horrible, I remember the day to this minute, we were at a friend's house at a bonfire and I got an alert on my phone, and it didn't even seem real," said Stenklyft.

Employees at Hooligan's said after a difficult time getting re-opened, they're getting close.

"It's very exciting, I'm super glad we're finally able to re-open," said Hooligan's Super Bar Manager Victoria Karll.

For now, people are enjoying drinks outside, but soon Karll said they'll be back to 100%.

"We're hoping finger crossed this coming Wednesday, so that's August 4th, we're hoping full kitchen, bar, inside, outside, everything starting at 11 a.m., that Friday we're hoping our good old fish fry is going to come back," Karll.

It's something people like Stenklyft and her husband said they're excited for.

"My husband and I are here today, I can't wait to have another girls' brunch here where we're all sitting outside and drinking mimosas and having the chicken tenders, those are my favorite, they're the best in the city," said Stenklyft.

Employees said the biggest issue getting re-opened was trying to work around COVID-19 difficulties with contractors.


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