Early voting kicks off for spring election

NOW: Early voting kicks off for spring election

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The spring election is one week away, but some people chose to cast their vote early with early voting starting Tuesday.

Many are taking advantage of early voting. With nine early voting sites to choose from, it’s something voters say is a convenient option.

"I like to early vote just in case I would maybe be out of town or something else later, so I want to vote right away," said Diana Christianson.

Community members took no time in casting their vote at the Zeidler Municipal Building on day one of early voting. Even Congresswoman Gwen Moore made it to the polls.

"I'm planning on being in Washington D.C. on Election Day and so this gives me an opportunity to weigh in and have my voice heard," said Moore.

The Milwaukee Election Commission said all early voting sites opened without any glitches. They want to remind people to look up their polling place before heading out the door, and to bring proper documentation.

"Bring your photo ID with you and if you need to update your address, you can also register and update your address at early voting, but you would want to bring proof of your new address," said Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission.

Many are especially excited to be a part of this election, knowing how important this will be for the future of our state.

"We're going to have a new mayor so I think it's really important to vote for this election. I always vote for everything, but I'm real interested in this election and I am very much in favor of the candidate that I voted for," said Christianson.

"All of the county supervisors are going to be up for election this year and there has been redistricting, so you want to make sure that you're looking up your ballot and getting to know what supervisor race will be on your ballot," said Woodall-Vogg.

Having the option to vote early is something many are very appreciative of, especially after the obstacles we have faced in voting during a pandemic.

"Having many options is extremely important. I voted last year during the pandemic by drop boxes and that was so important since I have an immunocompromised system and I was unwilling to come out and vote in person. I think for our elderly, for our rural people who don't drive, it's extremely important for them to have multiple options and not put onerous restrictions on them in order to be able to vote," said Moore.

Early voting runs through April 2, but if you have a name or address change, you need to do it by April 1.

For more information on the spring election and a list of Milwaukee early voting locations and hours, click here.

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