Dos and Don'ts of holiday recycling

One of the last things many of us think about during the holiday is recycling. Then once all the presents are unwrapped and you're staring at piles of opened presents, ripped open paper, bows, ribbons, boxes, etc you think, "I wonder what has to go in the trash?". Well look no further because we have you covered!

DO Recycle: Wrapping paper (with tape and ribbons removed), cards, cardboard boxes or shoe boxes, paper gift bags (but not ones that are plastic, or feel waxy. If they feel like the ones at the grocery store then they are recyclable.)

DON'T Recycle: Ribbons, bows, tissue paper (reuse it!), bubble wrap (If all the bubbles are popped you can take it to the store and recycle it with your plastic bags), Holiday lights (they can't go in the recycling bin but you can send them or drop them off to a place in Sussex. 

One caveat with any wrapping paper and cards that you want to recycle - they cannot have glitter. Anything with glitter should go in the trash and unfortunately is not recyclable. In the future try to avoid items with glitter so you can recycle them!

If you have questions about if something is recyclable or not it's best to reach out to your recycling provider to double check. 

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