1st pitch at Brewers game goes to AbleLight student as part of Autism Awareness Month

NOW: 1st pitch at Brewers game goes to AbleLight student as part of Autism Awareness Month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- April is Autism Awareness Month and the Milwaukee Brewers are acknowledging it in a big way.

A student from Concordia University's AbleLight program, created for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, will throw the ceremonial first pitch Tuesday night, April 19. 

Daniel Stone and his dad, Kurt Stone, took to the Concordia University field Tuesday morning to practice for the pitch.

"We'll hope for a good game for the Brewers, and a good first pitch for Daniel," said Kurt.

Daniel said baseball has been a big part of his life.

Kurt said his son has switched from a Cardinals fan to a Brewers fan after moving to Wisconsin from the St. Louis area.

Daniel said he's hoping to get to meet former Cardinals, and now Brewers player Kolton Wong at the game.

Kurt said this moment in a culmination of a lot of things for Daniel, moving away from home and living independently on campus at Concordia, but Daniel wasn't sweating it Tuesday.

"I'm not nervous at all, and I'm very excited and I'm so grateful I'm doing this," said Daniel.

"Having AbleLight college represented at the ballgame tonight brings a focus to students with intellectual and developmental delays, whatever the diagnosis and whatever the category is," said Kurt.

Brianna Reistad, AbleLight career prep instructor, said they're hoping Daniel throwing the pitch helps show everyone that people of any abilities can live happy and fulfilling lives.

"We're really hoping by him throwing this first pitch it's really bringing awareness that students of any ability can accomplish whatever they want," said Reistad.

She said Daniel has been a big part of the Concordia campus over the past two years, and now he's poised to take a job with Ozaukee County when he graduates this year.

Reistad said he's a perfect example of what their program emphasizes: Independence.

Daniel has his mind on that pitch.

"Very grateful I'm doing this tonight and it'll be my honor," said Daniel.

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