Charges Filed for Parents of 1-Year-Old Taken in Amber Alert

UPDATE December 22nd:

Prosecutors say it was an argument, a police chase, and a series of lies which caused an Amber Alert last week.

Kushay Kubera is accused with telling police she hardly knew the man who took off in a stolen Chevy Cobalt which had her son in the back.

According to the criminal complaint, Kubera told police the man was “Bill Brown”, and she had only been dating him for three weeks.It turns out DeAngelo Gaines was behind the wheel, that’s the child’s father.

From the criminal complaint:

When asked why she didn’t come clean during the day, she acknowledged that she had a “bad anger issue” and “didn’t know what to do.” When asked whether she understood the amount of time and resources that were spent on the case, she said that she was “happy the Amber Alert was put out and that’s why I didn’t say anything.”

Gaines is accused with almost running over a police officer and leading police on two separate chases. He’s also accused with doing that while the 22-month old was in the car.

Both are due back in court on December 29th. Gaines is facing up to three and a half years in prison, Kubera is facing up to nine months behind bars.

Police are also investigating Gaines' role, if any, in the stolen the stolen Chevy Cobalt.


On Monday, December 21 the Wauwatosa Police Department presented the facts from an Amber Alert case on December 17 to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office requesting criminal charges. 

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will be charging the mother, Kushay Kubera with one count of obstructing an officer and the father, DeAngelo Gaines with two counts fleeing/eluding an officer and one count of 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety.

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On December 17, police got a call about a fight between a man and woman in the parking lot at the JCPenny in Wauwatosa. Officers arrived and the male suspect got into a stolen car and got away from police. The woman later told officers her 1-year-old son DeAngelo was in the car.

The Wauwatosa Police Department thanks everyone who assisted them in quickly and accurately getting out the information that was known to us at the time which allowed the child to be located safely.

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