Carroll University Crown Alumni Homecoming Royalty

On this Homecoming weekend Carroll University is celebrating two very special alumni who are also this year's Homecoming Queen and King.

Alice Crofts Morava and P.E. MacAllister rode in style during Saturday’s parade. They're two of Carroll's oldest graduates. Alice is 85 and graduated in 1952, P.E. graduated all the way back in 1940 he's 97!

So, what does this honor mean to them? "All I can say is someone was very desperate to make me Homecoming King, but I'm honored to be here and pleased to represent the school,” said Mr. MacAllister.

Ms. Crofts Morava added, "It's fabulous! Coming back to Carroll, every time I come to campus. I'm close enough so I come frequently and it's wonderful fun. And go Pioneers!"

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