Two cars crash into homes near 35 and Locust, no fatalities

NOW: Two cars crash into homes near 35 and Locust, no fatalities

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – CBS 58 obtained surveillance video of two cars crashing into homes on Milwaukee’s north side.

Police responded to the crash at 4 a.m. Monday. The crash sent one person to the hospital and left homeowners with hefty damages.  The crash happened on the corner of 35th and Locust, a large pile of debris from the crash and police tape still surround the area more than 12 hours after the crash.

The footage shows two cars crashing into each other at the intersection. The cars then slide into nearby homes damaging the front porch of two buildings.

Kennisha Hadnott, who lives across the street, called police and ran out immediately to help.

”I just thought they were shooting so I grabbed my kids and then we looked out the window to make sure and we just ran out to help,” said Hadnott.

”It was loud,” said Tony Mills, who owns one of the affected homes. “Like the impact of the crash like shook the house.”

The crash was caught on Mills’ porch camera. He says the crash happened around 3:55 a.m. and it was loud enough to wake him up.

”I looked on the camera and seen what appeared to be part of the porch missing and a car sitting on the yard,” said Mills.

Police say one person was transported to the hospital, but do not have an update on that person’s condition. No one was killed.

Hadnott says she knew help was needed after seeing a man lying on the sidewalk.

“He was lying face down with blood coming out and barely responsive,” said Hadnott.  

“The driver of one of the vehicles was on the ground lying there,” said Mills. “Like his blood is still there I just feared for their life.”

Both Mills and Hadnott says the crash was a scary sight, but the intersection they live by is prone to accidents.

”They just drive fast, they swerve like they don’t care,” adds Hadnott.  

“Maybe about three accidents here on this corner a week,” said Mills. “In one weekend there was three traffic poles taken out in front of my house.”

Mills says he won’t be allowed to enter and leave his home from his front door. After the crash the Milwaukee Fire Department advised mills stepping on his front porch could actually collapse part of his upstairs balcony.

This is a developing story, stay with CBS 58 on-air and online for updates.

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