BUCKSFit Challenge checks in at Westside Academy

NOW: BUCKSFit Challenge checks in at Westside Academy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Bucks are encouraging kids to eat healthily and stay active.

Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers, and the Hoop Troop stopped by Westside Academy on Tuesday. They wanted to see how well the students are doing in the BUCKSFit program.

The program is a partnership with Froedtert Hospital. It’s a 30-day challenge that encourages kids and their parents to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.

“These behaviors start now while they’re young and they become habits so what we like to do with this program is how do we form those habits out in the community,” says Monique Graham, Director of Community Engagement.

This year, the BUCKSFit program is in three schools across Milwaukee and reaches 1,200 students.

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