Bublr Bikes Releases New Pay As You Go Pass

Bublr Bikes, Milwaukee’s bike share system, has released a Pay As You Go Pass, which allows passholders to take 30-minute Bublr rides for only $2. According to a release from Bublr on Thursday, the Pay As You Go Pass gives Bublr users the lowest 30-minute rate offered by any bike share system in the country.

“We are working hard to create a bike share system that is accessible and affordable for all Milwaukeeans,” said Kevin Hardman, Bublr Bikes executive director. “The Pay As You Go Pass is perfect for casual Bublr users who only want to pay for Bublr when they need it.”

Users can order the Pay As You Go Pass at BublrBikes.com/Go. They will be charged a one-time $2 fee for a Bublr key fob, which will be mailed in 4-5 days. The Bublr key fob allows for instant access to any Bublr Bike in the system.

The Pay As You Go Pass complements Bublr’s existing Annual Pass and 30-Day Pass options. “We now provide pricing options for all types of users,” Hardman added. “Whether you use Bublr twice a day or once a month we have a Bublr Pass for you.”

A Single Ride can still be purchased at any Bublr Station by swiping a credit card at the payment terminal. The cost of a Single Ride is $3 per 30 minutes. Bublr Pass options (Pay As You Go, 30-Day and Annual) can be purchased at BublrBikes.com/Pricing.

Since 2014, Bublr Bikes, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit, has launched 30 bike share stations in partnership with the City of Milwaukee. Bublr Bikes plans to double its network by the end of 2016. In the coming years, the system plans to expand to over 100 stations and 1,000 Bublr Bikes in Milwaukee, Shorewood, Wauwatosa and West Allis. Bublr Bikes is actively raising private and public funds for continued network expansion.

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