Brewers Miller Park named 10th cleanest for food safety

A new investigation into records from health departments in the United States and Canada revealed that food safety varies widely across MLB venues. Some ballparks had hundreds of violations where others only had a few. 

The Sports Illustrated study used data from the 28 local health departments around the MLB to compile the ranking. Requests in Cleveland and Detroit were not answered so it is unknown how many violations they've had. 

Miller Park ranked the 10th cleanest with 58 total violations which was the league average. There were 34 critical violations which was higher than the league average of 24.

The study had this to say about Miller Park: 

Many of the findings here were related to food at dangerous temperatures, along with missing thermometers, improper sanitizer concentration and expired food. Three concession stands had at least seven violations each. Four ice machine units visibly soiled with mold on the interior. About one-third of the inspected food entities were looked at in March before the season started, while the rest were spread between April, May and June.

Safeco Field, the home of the Seattle Mariners, was the cleanest venue with five total violations and only one critical violation. The second cleanest, Fenway Park, had 30 total violations.

The dirtiest ballpark was Tropicana Field, the home of the Tamp Bay Rays which had 241 violations and 105 critical violations.

See the full list and breakdown of violations here.

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