Armed robbery suspect turns himself in, claims it’s a misunderstanding

NOW: Armed robbery suspect turns himself in, claims it’s a misunderstanding

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A man wanted in an armed robbery turned himself in Tuesday afternoon at police headquarters.

On Monday, Milwaukee Police released photos of a robbery suspect and asked for the public’s help in finding him, but the suspect says it was all a misunderstanding.

According to police, on April 21 a suspect walked into the ABC Liquor Depot on 16th and Galena. They say the suspect then showed a gun and demanded money.

However, Marney claims he never took the gun out and thinks the employee saw the gun in his pants and got scared.

“I didn’t have a belt on,” says Marney. “If you see how far my pants were sagging, I can’t lie. Yes, I was immature to not have my pants up on waistline like a grown man should. Other than that you can see I would have had an open carry, it’s legal as well. So, showing it or not showing it, it’s still legal.”

After seeing he was wanted by Milwaukee Police, Marney says he wanted to come clean and set the record straight.

He also took his gun which he says he has a concealed carry permit for.

Marney says he also wants police to release the video from inside the store.

“You say this happened on the 21st why does it take a couple of days for you to file a police report,” asks Marney. “Where’s the video? Produce this video; show me that I’m guilty. Show me I’m pulling a firearm on you, which never happened.”

Milwaukee Police say although the suspect did not obtain any money or property from the business, he did attempt to take property and threatened to kill the cashier.

He was taken into custody after turning himself in.

Milwaukee Police say criminal charges are pending with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

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