Alderwoman Lewis responds to claims she inappropriately sought money, gift cards for birthday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis is responding to claims she inappropriately sought money and gift cards for her 40th birthday. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Lewis wanted the cash to be sent to her electronically through the service Venmo, where her account name is "$D9th." 

Alderwoman Lewis represents the city's 9th District. 

Despite the district reference, Lewis says the money was not connected to politics. 

"That is not campaign-related," Alderwoman Lewis said. "My campaign is “Chantia4progress”, D9th is something that I own because it's so much work just surrounding all of my actions so I take that as a personal moniker."

Lewis added that she made the request on her personal page, and it was meant for family and friends. 

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