Aaron Rodgers Supports "Buddy" Tom Brady during Deflategate

(CBSSports) One of the big storylines in Thursday's Packers-Patriots matchup was that quarterback Tom Brady played. He's been in the middle of this Deflategate silliness for months, and he's currently suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

Brady finished 1 of 4 for 10 yards before giving way to Jimmy Garoppolo, the second-year player set to replace Brady in the lineup if the suspension isn't overturned. After the game (the Packers won, 22-11, by the way), Aaron Rodgers' was asked about Brady's situation.

“Tom's a buddy, and he's going through some stuff right now," Rodgers said, via WEEI.com. "I'm sure we'll have resolution here pretty soon. ... I don't know enough about it to make any comment on [Deflategate]. But Tom's a buddy, and I'd like to see it get figured out before the season.”

So would Brady and the Patriots.

"There's only 32 of us,” Rodgers continued. “[There are] a lot of expectations. A lot of adversity. We also have a great opportunity and platform to make a difference. I think you realize how difficult it is to play the position, the stuff you deal with every single day. You wear a lot of hats, as a leader, as an encourager. As a supporter. As a cheerleader. Disciplinarian. You lead from a lot of different vantage points. It's also really thrilling. You know what those guys are going through and it's fun to get to know some of the guys.”

And if Brady ultimately ends up missing time, Rodgers can relate to that too.

“I missed eight games in 2013. It's tough. It's tough to miss it,” he said. “I missed a game from a concussion -- that was a tough week. It's tough not to be out there.”

Back in January, shortly after Deflategate entered the lexicon, Rodgers spoke about how he likes his footballs.

"The majority of quarterbacks, I would say more than half, are maybe on the other end of the spectrum and like it on the flatter side," Rodgers said at the time. "My belief is that there should be a minimum air-pressure requirement but not a maximum. There's no advantage, in my opinion -- we're not kicking the football -- there's no advantage in having a pumped-up football."

Meanwhile, New England faces Pittsburgh in the Week 1 regular-season opener, and to a man, the Steelers hope that Brady's on the field.

“That's Steelers football,” said cornerback Antwon Blake. “We want to play against the best so we want the best out there. It's definitely a challenge. We'll stand up and be ready for it. It would be a great opportunity to play against a legendary quarterback like that.”

Which isn't to take anything away from Garoppolo. Or as Steelers linebacker Arthur Moatscalls him, "Gappo."

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