A country journey with Nora Collins

NOW: A country journey with Nora Collins

NASHVILLE, Ten. (CBS 58) – The 54th Academy of Country Music Awards airs tonight on CBS 58 and while Milwaukee native Nora Collins won’t be on stage she will be there making the latest stop on a wild country journey that’s taken her from Milwaukee to the music city.

The 2012 Brookfield East grad has been working steadily as a singer-songwriter with increasing success.

"As an artist, I think I'm still on that journey of figuring out what exactly I want to say. But I know that I want my music to positively impact people," said Collins.

Nora took a big step towards that goal with the top song of her new EP, Plain Jane.

"I really just didn't feel good enough, I didn't feel like I was unique enough as an artist or that I was pretty enough. When I was driving into my write that morning, I was just kind of talking to myself. I said, I feel really plain. I'm just a plain jane."

Nora moved away from Wisconsin three years ago. She misses her friends and family but loves it in Nashville.

"I mean it's Music City so it's an exciting place to live."

She knows what she does not miss about home though.

"I don't miss that cold weather."

Mike Curkov sat down with Nora during a recent trip to Nashville and shares more on CBS 58 Sunday Morning.

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