50% peak fall color showing up in northern Wisconsin

For the first time this year we are starting to see about 50% peak fall color show up in northern Wisconsin. Douglas and Florence Counties are now reporting half of their trees are peaking. Most of the top third of the state is at 25% color with not much changing in southern or southeast Wisconsin.

It was only about 10 days ago that any fall color started popping up across the state. Since then we've seen fall color really start to pop in the northern half of the state. Down here in southeast Wisconsin we've definitely seen some trees change here and there but we aren't yet seeing 25% peak color yet. I would expect to see some counties switch to 25% peak color in the next 7-10 days. 

The peak color this year is actually a little behind schedule. Northern Wisconsin usually sees peak color during the first ten days of October. Despite a late start we are still on track to see peak color here locally in the second half of October which is typical.

To see the Wisconsin Fall Color map, click here.

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