2 more MPS schools move to virtual learning due to positive COVID cases

NOW: 2 more MPS schools move to virtual learning due to positive COVID cases

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Public Schools closed two more buildings Thursday -- the Golda Meier lower campus and Hartford Avenue school, switching both to online learning for the next 10 days.

The decision is a result of both schools having three percent of their populations testing positive for COVID.

Thursday's school closures brings the number of schools that have switched to virtual because of COVID this week up to three.

The school board president and the teachers' union president are calling for the city health commissioner to reinstate a citywide mask mandate.

"I'm concerned about next week and the week after that," said Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association President Amy Mizialko.

MTEA President Amy Mizialko didn't think three schools would shut down in less than a week, but now she worries most about one possibility with COVID continuing to come into schools.

"That one of our students will be hospitalized and will have a severe case of COVID," said Mizialko.

Three MPS schools this week, two just Thursday, returned to virtual learning because of COVID.

"Today, two schools, Golda Meier lower campus and Hartford Avenue school shifted to virtual learning," said MPS Board President Bob Peterson.

They'll be closed the next 10 days. Meanwhile, the district keeps watching positive cases, 1,013 students so far.

"There is a surge in the city of Milwaukee, and we are seeing the results of that surge," said Superintendent Keith Posley.

Peterson said the MPS board wants the city to reinstate a mask mandate.

"The infections are at various grade levels, they're spread out throughout the school, they're not in one spot, further convincing me that the issue is community spread," said Peterson.

And so does Mizialko. She said City Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson should make the call immediately.

"We need that mask mandate, we need it now, there's nothing standing in our way, she needs to call it now," said Mizialko.

Students at both schools closed Thursday will return to their classrooms on Oct. 11.

The district already has a mask and vaccine mandate in place.

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