YouTube: Amazon ad tops list of most viewed Super Bowl ads

YouTube: Amazon ad tops list of most viewed Super Bowl ads

(CBS 58) -- Amazon's Alexa ad featuring Ellen DeGeneres topped the list when it came to most viewed Super Bowl commercials so far in 2020, according to YouTube.

All of the commercials brought a range of emotions from belly-laughing to heartfelt messages. One commercial that didn't top the most viewed list, but still drew a lot of attention was an ad for Google featuring a man asking his Google assistant to remember memories of his late wife.

YouTube VP Tara Walpert Levy says comedy won this year when it came to commercials. Other ads that viewers watched the most included the Jeep and Facebook commercials. 

"I thought it was particularly interesting how many new advertisers there were, both in the game itself and certainly around the game," Walpert Levy said. "So we saw a very large number of new advertisers who were doing either T.V. plus digital or just digital only to take advantage of the moment."

When it came to online searches, before the game the most searched recipe nationwide was for buffalo chicken dip. However, according to Walpert Levy, people in Wisconsin most searched for pulled pork. Additionally, the majority of the country searched for the San Francisco 49ers before and during the game, while people in the Badger state searched for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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