'You saw her shoes rolling down the road:' Witness tries to help woman hit by semi-truck on interstate

NOW: ’You saw her shoes rolling down the road:’ Witness tries to help woman hit by semi-truck on interstate

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS58) -- A woman was hit and killed by a semi-truck on Interstate 894 Friday morning, Oct. 23. Several people witnessed the accident and tried to help her.

Brian Connolly is a Lyft driver.  Friday morning, he was taking his customer to work when a few minutes in, the ride came to a sudden halt. 

“We saw the end of an accident, once we saw that, I said we have to pull over," Connolly said.

Connolly and a few other drivers all stopped their cars to help a woman who was lying on the shoulder of the road.

“I jumped out of my car and ran up to her. It was rainy and cold so I took my jacket off and threw it over her," Connolly said. “I checked for a pulse and there was no pulse."

Officials say a woman hit a pole. Her vehicle ended up in the grass on the National Avenue off-ramp. Witnesses say the woman appeared to be dazed when she walked into traffic and hit by a semi-truck.

"You saw her shoes rolling down the road. She got knocked completely out of her shoes."

The woman died at the scene. 

 “It sticks with you," Connolly said. 

Connolly didn’t know the woman however, he wants her family to know he treated her as if she was her own.

“Even though we were strangers, all of us that pulled over, even after we knew there was nothing we could do, we covered her from getting wet in the rain.”

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Division is continuing its investigation into factors leading up to the fatality. 

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