You may have to pay for what's under your sidewalk

Renter, Priscilla Villalaz  got an outdoor fountain she wasn't bargaining for. 

Priscilla Villalaz says, "What worries me is all that water going to waste that many other people may need."

Water has been leaking under the sidewalk for days and she contacted the homeowner. The price tag to fix it is $5,600. David Griggs, the homeowner's ex-husband, says the city came out to look and said the homeowner owns the pipe.

David Griggs says, "The city is claiming from this pipe out belongs to the city, and this part in belongs to the homeowner but the side walk is the city's property so I don't know how that works."

We contacted Milwaukee's Public Works Department. In a statement they say "The owner is responsible for repair of their water lateral up to the curb stop which may include the sidewalk."

Griggs says his ex-wife is now left holding the bag and a large bill with no way to pay for it.

Griggs says, "(This half is) Karen's, (this half is the) city's, and I just don't see that because the city owns the sidewalk why wouldn't they own the sewer pipe that goes under their own property."

The city says they do have programs to offset the cost. 

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