Working through the bitter cold in Southeast Wisconsin

NOW: Working through the bitter cold in Southeast Wisconsin

Arctic cold weather has made its way to southeast Wisconsin.

Friday, temps dropped to the single digits with wind chills below zero.

It made for some difficult conditions for those having to work outdoors, like Dick Emmerich, ice sculptor who was getting ready for the Waukesha Janboree. "The biggest problem is you don't want to get overheated, because then you really get cold. As long as your skin is covered," he said. 

Organizers of the event had to make some changes due to the frigid weather.

"We had to make some adjustments due to the weather," said Joanna Adamicki, City of Waukesha event coordinator. "The toboggan run we're not gonna run due to temperatures. You're travelling at a high-rate of speed coming from a 350-foot run, so it's a little too cold to try and enjoy the toboggan run."

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, letter carrier Mario Evans went going door-to door to making more than 400 stops on his route. "I'm bustin' a little sweat!" he said. "I been through way worse than this, you just gotta dress right. If you don't dress correctly, you gonna be in trouble."

Evans was prepared. He made sure to wear a several layers.

"Three sweatshirts under here, and two t-shirts, and three thermals."

Despite the cold, people were still outside enjoying themselves, ice fishing and even ice skating -- this is Wisconsin, after all.

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