Woman Accused of Stabbing Boyfriend after he Drank her Blood

(CBSNews) SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Police say a 19-year-old Missouri woman allowed her intoxicated boyfriend to drink her blood then stabbed the wannabe vampire during a subsequent argument.

Victoria Vanatter of Springfield pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action in the Nov. 23 incident.

Police arrived at the home Wednesday after receiving a 911 call reporting someone bleeding, according to charging documents obtained by CBS affiliate KOLR. Police say the woman’s boyfriend, covered in blood, told an officer the couple didn’t need help and slammed the door.

Vanatter then opened the door, also covered in blood, the charging documents say. Officers found the man with multiple wounds and a cross on his chest drawn in blood. The man said the wounds were self-inflicted because he was mad at Vanatter, according to the documents.

Police then spoke with Vanatter, who had a large cut on her arm. She told them she agreed her boyfriend could slice her arm with a box cutter and drink her blood. Vanatter told an officer she was a “cutter” and also enjoyed drinking her own blood, the documents say.

But the two then two argued and Vanatter said her boyfriend struck her multiple times. According to police, she said she hit her boyfriend to get him to stop the assault and threatened to kill him.

Vanatter allegedly admitted grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing her boyfriend in the back. She said she lost the first knife and then grabbed a second and stabbed the man in the shoulder, the documents say. She then stabbed him a third time before she “came to” and realized he was badly hurt, the documents say. She said she called 911 because she was worried about her boyfriend’s injuries.

The documents say Vanatter had red marks and possible bruising on her face, but it was difficult for the officer to tell because her face was smeared in blood.

The officer found “I’m sorry” written in blood on a kitchen counter and a heart, also written in blood, on a living room wall. Vanatter allegedly admitted to drawing the messages. She told an officer she was a “threat to society and we need to take her seriously,” the documents say. She also said “she believed she could be a serial killer in the future.”

Police seized three knives and a pack of box cutter blades from the home.

Both were treated at a hospital and received stitches. Vanatter is jailed on $150,000 bond. Police say she had been on probation for felony assault and unlawful use of a weapon convictions.

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