Wisconsin's oldest bar could close

Wisconsin's oldest bar is at risk of shutting its doors without your help. The Uptowner is the ultimate neighborhood bar, residing in Riverwest, since 1884!!

Patron Scott Summers says, \"There's not a whole lot of different people that come in here, it's a lot of the same, but it's like 'Cheers.' You come in here and everyone knows each other.\"

Summers says the bar is like family, replacing his sax when he sold it to buy coats for his kids. It's with that reason he breaks down knowing the bar may soon close.

\"They just wanted me to play, they was real family.\"

Owner Shawnette Smart says they got into trouble after buying up and improving properties on the block. Soon after the financial crisis hit and now the bank wants their property.

Smart says, \"We can't pay them in full so they've begun foreclosure proceedings.\"

A go fund me page asks for 250-thousand-dollars, or an investor to step in to save the bar that has seen wars, prohibition, and was first opened when the US only had 38 states, and Wisconsin had the 17th largest population with 140 residents at the time.

\"As a place like this, you see the best of times and worst of times, you celebrate all the life events of people in community.\"

Unless people step up, this piece of Milwaukee's history, could become a piece of its past.To help click HERE. 

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