Wisconsin woman rides out Hurricane Irma in Antigua

NOW: Wisconsin woman rides out Hurricane Irma in Antigua

ANTIGUA (CBS 58) -- A woman from Wisconsin faced the brunt of Hurricane Irma Wednesday morning. Stephanie Rockhoff moved to Antigua in July where she rode out the Hurricane.

In a Skype interview, Rockhoff said the worst passed through around 2:00 a.m. local time when the high wind blew her front doors open.

While the neighboring island of Barbuda suffered massive damage, Antigua escaped severe damage and any loss of life.

“Most of the damage I've seen is trees that were knocked down, power lines that were knocked down, and billboards that were knocked down. But I haven't seen any major damage to buildings, or seen any major flooding or anything like that,” said Rockhoff.

Stephanie moved to Antigua to be a Lutheran school teacher. She says the start of school was postponed this week and is scheduled to start next Monday. That is unless Hurricane Jose, the next storm terrorizing the Caribbean, decides to change everyone's plans.

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